Explore Cinema is open for business!


Explore Cinema premieres today with ambitions of handing film enthusiasts an immersive new tool for delving deep into the art of cinema and filmmaking.

Beyond the silver screen the landscape of cinema spans many mediums; websites, books, podcasts and apps to name a handful. Scattered within them live communities, individuals and organisations dedicated to shining a light on one of the many corners of the art form.
Where though can I go to walk this landscape in its entirety? Resources like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix or Variety need little introduction, but in70mm, The Spaghetti Western Database, DVD Beaver or Nestflix? What about those dedicated to the craft of filmmaking itself? The Traditional Matte Painting Fan Club, Cinematography Mailing List or the Scrip Hive Discord?

If too many years of searching the internet for cinema focused resources has taught me one thing it is that too many are hidden and needlessly hard to find.